Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? (Infographic)

Mac or PC? Who is winning the battle? We gathered as much information as we could, assembled that data in an objective infographic, and are now asking you to make a call – Mac or PC? We’d love to hear your comments!

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Mac VS. PC - Who's Really Winning
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124 Responses to Mac vs. PC – Who’s Really Winning? (Infographic)

  1. MrHaxx1 says:

    I call B.S. on “You can’t run OS X on PCs” as I am posting this from Snow Leopard 1.6.7 on my Lenovo s1o. It’s called a Hackintosh.
    And the reliability is not completely true either. OS X is indeed more stable than Windows, but try to delete the *.kexts. It will most likely mess something up. Or sudo rm -rf /, if you really want to.
    And at that hacker conference (I can’t remember what it’s called) OS X and Safari were the first browser and OS to be hacked.

    No, I don’t hate Mac (as I use a Hackintosh, Windows and Linux), but they aren’t as perfect as people say they are. Why can’t Windows and OS X just get along? ):

    • Steve says:

      You can just run Bootcamp and easily install Windows, while installing OS X on windows involves hacking and a decent amount of skill and computer knowledge, and not all PC’s can become hackintosh’s, you do need certain CPU and mothetboard combos, thus PC as a whole isn’t OS X compatible.

      • BlueHands says:

        Yes, you can just install Bootcamp and then Windows within a virtual environment. PC’s compatibility with OS X is not a fault of Microsoft or of hardware manufactures but a decision of Apple. When Apple writes the code for OS X they design it to be compatible with ONLY the hardware they intend to use within their computers. Windows on the other hand is designed to be used with the widest range of hardware possible. Apple’s goal is to force you not only use their operating system but also to use a computer designed and built by them, at their price.

        • Kevin says:

          Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • brian says:

          you are totally right. Im a designer so ive always used a mac but i am getting sick of their permissions. Mac now has an update that puts an app store in my dock for me to run apps on my computer. they dont support flash which is a scheme to cut away from adobe to start not having the customer use the mac but also to use the operating system and all software from the app store. Its BS. Google needs to come out with android on a PC or their own computer. Id buy one.

      • Ryan says:

        You also need particular Mac’s to run Windows via Boot Camp. This only became available with the Intel Mac’s…

        • Greg says:

          Windows runs on Mac in 2006. Older Macs running OS 8, 9 and 10.1 can run Windows in applications called Connectix Virtual PC. You can install Windows using VMware or Parallels software to dual boot.

    • Nick says:

      If you wish to post evidence to the contrary, you should cite your sources. In addition, a browser and operating system being hacked first in a competition is not enough to support a claim of insecurity. Much of the speed of a hack will depend on prior research, and a proper trial must be in a controlled environment. Without that results are unreliable, which is why the scientific method of carefully controlled experiments was invented.

      • Henry says:

        Mac OS are not any more secure than Windows – the only reason that it SEEMS safer if because most hackers chose to ignore the Mac. The fact that a browser and operating system being hacked first in a competition just proves the point.

        • Rich says:

          Henry is right.

          Security through obscurity is not really security at all.
          Just because not many people target OSX, does not make it safe.

        • Dumb says:

          Exactly, and why do these hackers choose to ignore Mac OS? Because of the market share. Now no more jibber-jabber about the security of Mac vs PC people.

          • Kaleb says:

            Actually MAc is a WAYY safer OS when you consider viruses….
            ANd dont give any Bull saying that no hackers target mac because they do (not quite as many as windows) but there are still many.
            And none have been sucessfull in making a virus that got past macs security

    • s. omeone says:

      So true, only i think mac is better. WIndows is awesome, only mac crushes it. Like Ice cream vs CHocolate sundae+whipped cream with 5,000 heavily armed trained snipers guarding it

      • Adam Alter says:

        Where’s the “fanboi filter” so I can just read the posts with valid points to the debate?

        Both are great options IMO, but as many said, you can buy a cheap PC, not a cheap Mac and unfortunately many people do opt for the cheap PC and end up with lower quality and performance.

        In my area of work (close to 50% Mac users) I just don’t see any stability advantage to Mac. At my last company half were Thinkpads and half were Macs.

        The biggest complaint I heard from the Thinkpad users were being annoyed when they were trying to shut down and had to wait on a Windows update. That and the 3rd party, cheap docking stations sometimes needed reseated.

        The biggest complaint with the Macs were freezing and crashing. With all the programs around design and editing combined with spreadsheets and things like Adwords Editor, every one of them had freezes and crashes. One of them got so hot, a few of his keys started warping like they were melting. He had to take it for repair twice. They also had issues printing, and getting 3rd party wireless mice to work correctly.

        I’m not going to use that evidence to say Mac sucks, I know it’s somewhat random luck. As far as my experience with laptops, I’ve owned and reviewed TONS, I own, so there’s no avoiding it. Mac is designed to work close to perfectly with the intended software/apps and hardware included. Windows/PC is attempting to work with EVERYTHING which is bound to have some failures depending what you try to make work.

    • vic says:

      crapple is NOT more stable than Windows… most of this is old stuff

  2. Craig says:

    Nothing new here. Mac wins everything except “I use a PC at work”.

    • PutCraigInHisPlace says:

      Yeah, nothing new about a 95% market share. If 5% of the pie is all Apple has been able to dig out despite what seems like a decade long up trend, it’s never, ever, going to stick. There’s a reason for this, sir. It has nothing to do with “lack of open mindedness” and it’s more than humans being merely creatures of habit. When it comes to desktop computing, which (unfortunately for Apple) will always exist, Windows will always be king at the end of the day.

      • DonkeyMonk says:

        That is unless Microsoft screws up Windows 8 on desktops. Which at this point seems very likely.

    • Jay says:

      “I use a Mac at work.” And it blows… Crashes me out of the program all the time. And when it comes to troubleshooting, the only solution is “live with it”. Sure enough there is never a shortage of Mac Fanboys quick to blame third party software developers.
      Bottom line is that Macs are fine, especially if you need to run Mac only software like Final Cut Pro. Otherwise, save your money. A PC build will always be cheaper and more powerful. Will handle third party apps better.
      Besides, most computer hardware becomes obsolete after about 3 years. Why pay $3000 for a top of the line Mac when you can get the same in the PC world for half that price. Update your system more often…

      • George Klein says:

        First: It is a known fact that Apple hardware becomes obsolete about two years later than a PC.
        Second: a PC having the same quality components is as expensive as a similarly equipped MAC. I know this for sure since I’ve done the research: I built a MAC and a PC (DELL) online using similar quality components. I’ve done it for a desktop and a laptop. The price difference was neglectable, about $50 for a $3100 total price. Yes, there are cheaper PC’s, but you get for what you pay. And for the majority of computer users that’s enough, but there is an important minority users, too. Please read further.
        There is one compelling reason why a MAC is a better machine than a PC in spite of its lower market share: all professional and advanced amateur photographers use MAC almost exclusively. They are not stupid, they know why: quality, reliability, operating system stability.

        • Dumb says:

          That’s why you save money and build your own PC by purchasing the parts and not having a third party assemble it for you, fill it with bloatware, and charge a premium.

        • Dono86 says:

          I always go to Photographers for all my IT advice. Not. There’s 2 things a Photographer would look for in a computer: 1 How pretty does the screen make my pictures look? 2 Does it run Adobe Creative Suite? MAC gets the nod for both, plus you feel almost as smug when you pull it out in public as you do while attaching that new wide angle lens to your DSLR! You can’t beat that… Go take some pics of a bag floating in the wind and maybe someone will pay you for it. I have to get back to work.

        • vic says:

          if you price a pc and a crapple system… thier is not way you are going to pay 3k for a Windows one and get the same or better preformance…. so what if your PC takes a minute to shut off…

    • Keith says:

      I wonder why?

  3. Adam says:

    This article is garbage! I don’t even know where to start!

    These sound like arguments formulated by a Mac fanboy (especially the first several) who doesn’t know the first thing about computers.

    • Nick says:

      So you start with an ad hominem? Sounds to me like arguments formulated by a windows fan boy who doesn’t know the first thing about elementary logic.

      Seriously though, if you want to criticize this article, perhaps you should first learn a bit about basic logic, and logical fallacies. Then you would know that you should give useful criticisms, such as actually pointing out a flaw in the argument, rather than name calling. In addition, this article displays much more computer literacy than the average, displaying useful statistics and citing sources, rather than pulling arguments from thin air, as many other articles and some of the reviewers here do. Please try to think a bit more before you post a review next time.

    • Mike says:

      Just because you know how to hack your PC to keep it from getting viruses, doesn’t mean everyone else does. As a whole, PCs are notorious — i.e. known by almost everyone on Earth — for viruses and crashing applications. Macs rarely ever get viruses, and while applications do crash from time to time, are more reliable. It’s just a fact.

      Now, you obviously know your way around a computer, but the general public does not. It would be smarter for someone who is not a gamer/hacker to get a Mac because they don’t run the risk of viruses and can actually run multiple applications at once. For example: I’m running iTunes, Firefox, Mail, Photoshop, Illustrator and iChat all at once. When I had a PC, my whole machine would practically shut down if I had 2 apps open.

      Calling this article garbage makes you sound like a jealous PC Fanboy who just likes to trash on Mac users.

      • Michal W says:

        I agree with you for the most part, but the example you have provided made me laugh. I do understand that it was an exaggeration on your part, but right now I am running Firefox, Postbox (mail client), Total Commander (file manager), JDownloader (which in turn requires Java virtual machine), IM app, Excel, video player, and Photoshop, and my computer is far from sluggish. My hardware is 3 years old, except for an SSD drive.

        The truth is that my father and my sister both own a Mac, and love it, so I really can see both sides. For me, as a “geek”, Windows/Linux is only option that makes sense, but from the typical consumer point of view it is not that clear.

      • sandyxdr says:

        I have a mac and I call B.S. too
        1. Stability: Mac is stable as long as you don’t have more then few apps installed/running. Guess what, so does windows. I use uTorrent and it freezes regularly when I try to exit. Window version not so much
        2. Security: There are little viruses on Mac because nobody cares. There just isn’t enough macs compared to windows and I can bet if someone tried a little harder he could make a virus that would do much more damage on mac than it could on pc simply because pc-s get bombarded with them every day.
        3. Reliability: Well i think W7 is just so much better done than mac os, I personally like Mac os in this case because I never lose apps when I do update (here I have to erase the entire thing and just copy back, windows do an actual update where you loose nothing or little but I digest)
        4. Multimedia: PC-s incomparable to macs? That’s just plain lie. They use the same hardware these days
        5. Speed test: Now that is just stupid.

        P.S. 6. Compatibility: Now most pc-s can’t run mac os that is true, but I tried to run some older apps on mac os 10.6. and that is just plain impossible!
        I have no problem running apps and games from dos, w95, w98, XP, vista or even mac os 1 thru 9 on pc but on mac…. no can do.
        Wanted to play some tomb raider 2, hah.. fat chance.

        • Mr. Anonymous says:

          Like my once wise teacher said to me. “A mac is like the protect parent over its child. It holds it hands as it crosses the street, but try to block it from all the unsafe things going on around it.”
          Only things I can say from personal experience is if know how build a good pc for windows then it obviously way better than a store bought one, and much cheaper.

      • Josh says:

        Your argument has no grounds. You’re claiming that because you don’t know how to use all of the features of an operating system that the more simple one is better.

        The fact is that windows is a more secure operating system than OSX. Just because there are many more viruses used to attack windows machines doesn’t make them less secure. That’s like saying a wood fence is stronger than an iron fence because more people break the iron fence. Because of Windows’ ubiquity, it is only logical that hackers would target Windows machines and therefore, less hacks and exploits are known for OSX.

        Now when it comes to ease of use, it can certainly be argued that Mac’s are easier to use for the everyday consumer. However, when talking about which OS is better, ease of use becomes not that important. Disregarding the whole security issue, I would argue that Windows is the better OS because it is far more customizable, has many more applications, and is used by so many, therefore compatibility is almost guaranteed.

        The bottom line is that, you have your preferences and apparently you like things to be simple, however, the ignorance of the general public is not a valid argument

      • Will says:

        Mike, if your computer would hang from running only 2 apps you’re a clown who can’t build or buy a system. I regularly have itunes, firefox (with 6+ tabs as well), photoshop, and a host of other things and my computer has zero hang or crash issues. Oh but wait, there’s more! Not only did it cost less, but replacement (and upgrade) parts are more readily available, cheaper, and I have a much bigger selection to choose from, unlike your crapple product. You need to use crapple approved parts which are expensive and more difficult to find. Have fun with your overpriced junk and having to buy a new system instead of upgrade, meanwhile I’ll be upgrading my rig part by part as needed. :)

        • Christian says:

          I like this Will guy. He just said almost everything i was going to.

          The one thing he didnt say is that there are many hackers who are making Mac virus’s, ive seen many people have virus’s on their Macs and have had to trash the whole thing because they didnt know what to do. I know one guy who bought a $5,000 Mactop and it was complete crap, it ended up crashing or messing up in some way only 4-5 months later and its now sitting in his closet, and its been sitting there for almost a year.

          I know many hackers and alot of them are now targeting Macs more then Windows just because they hate Macs and all the claims of them being more secure.

          I use Linux more then anything, but i would rather use Windows then OSX ANYDAY. The only thing i still use Windows for is to put music on my awesome Zune

      • vic says:

        this is not even close to true… mac’s crash more than PC’s that dont have all the crap on them

      • sam says:

        dude, you r so wrong, im writing this n a mac, one that crashes every three days or so! and my dads laptop has never crashed, where were you when windows 7 came out?! this thhing about crashing on pcs drives me nuts! macs crash! deal with it! pcs crash too, pcs are not better, but pcs run mso and other things like games, and i dont care how manytimes anyone says it, you cannot game on a mac!

    • Slicezorr says:

      I agree with you, Adam.
      Macs can’t be repaired, upgraded, they are not compatible with many software and games and the performance is not relevant here, because PCs can be upgraded.

  4. Solaries says:

    Honestly, horrid article. Only reason macs run faster is due to them being incredibly overpriced. They have better hardware included to SOMEWHAT account for it.

    • micheal says:

      According to you , the only reason a Mac runs faster is because they are incredibly overpriced. So, by your logic the more overpriced a computer is the faster it runs. lol

    • I aggree. says:

      This article does not take the fact that much of the reason why Macs are sometimes faster than the Windows is the fact that the hardware the comes along with it is usually top of the line. Windows on the other hand is just an operating system. The user has the choice to attach it to any hardware depending on his needs. This article is generalizing. What if I put a Windows on a Pentium 3 Computer and a Mac running with the latest Sandy Bridge processor and then we try to open Adobe Photoshop CS3, does it follow that Mac is faster because it Opens faster? Lol! There are a lot of inconsistencies from this article! This article is groundless in many ways!

  5. Karlos2121 says:

    I’ve got my mac connected to my 360…i know of two apps that allow it (Connect360 and Playback). Been streaming some HD movies from my iMac Hard Drive (Inception for example)

    Those apps also give me access to my iTunes playlists…so i can easily listen to my “rap playlist” while playing Saints Row….or my “war playlist” for COD, or Gears.

  6. oover says:

    Start up time 1 min 13 seconds on what hardware and what windows?
    Color matching to what, what printer?
    And viruses are made for windows because people use windows, if you want to do damage you do it to the 92.21% because hackers aren`t retarded.

  7. Ryan says:

    For the speed tests, where are the machine specs to what it’s tested against? We have no way of knowing if the hardware tested was equal.

    Security. Well you’re simply wrong. All operating systems have vulnerabilities. Apple is no exception. As another has mentioned, OSX and Safari were the first to lose at the hacker conference. Hacker’s don’t target Macs because they can’t, it’s because they don’t have an interest to. Most attacks these days towards consumers are through websites and social engineering methods. Attacks in which they have no bearing on which OS you run.

    Some of the last points are points that are brought up ONLY for people in graphic design. What average user really cares about EXACT color matching and how accurate their typography rendering is?

    It’s next to impossible to lay down “facts” about the OSs and compare them in an unbiased way. But please if you’re going to do it, research it a bit better.

    • Nathan says:

      Well, I think the whole Mac vs. PC thing is very stupid.

      I like OS X better than Windows. It doesn’t mean I think everyone should use it. Just because more people are on Windows really doesn’t make it better in anyway. If a bunch of people jumped off of a cliff, would you? Hopefully not.

      It is as simple as this: use what YOU want and what is best for YOU. Don’t go around trashing other OS’s – that is very childish.

      I like OS X better because it has been more stable for me, I like the design of it better (BTW I am not a graphic designer – I’m a web developer but I also design sites, but not graphics or anything), I like the awesome trackpad with the really awesome multi-touch gestures (Mac trackpads are some of the best trackpads in the world – they don’t use plastic but rather a nice type of smooth glass), the design of the hardware, iLife (much better than Windows Live), iCloud’s awesome syncing with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, OS X’s multitasking (Windows doesn’t even have multiple desktops or anything), Launchpad, and more.

      OS X just works better for me.

  8. Chris says:

    I use both yet can’t see an argument. They both have particular uses and to judge them with absolutes is like comparing apples and oranges. I love macs for multimedia (especially with my xbox 360, photos, iTunes etc) but also love windows for programming. The article was correct not to declare a winner and to just state the facts.

  9. Having used Macs and Windows systems side-by-side since the mid-80’s and being a retired IBM employee, perhaps I have a somewhat different viewpoint.

    I’d like to address the price issue. Macs cost more for one main reason. They are worth it. Keep in mind that Apple is the only manufacturer of the Macintosh. There are hundreds of companies building Windows systems as well as individuals and computer shops assembling them from selected parts.

    The manufacturers must compete against each other, not Apple. If a person has already decided upon a Windows system, they will be looking for the best price point against perceived features and quality. To compete, HP, Dell, and any of the others must control costs by using the most economical parts, materials, and manufacturing methods. This invariably affects quality to some degree.

    Apple really has no competition so they can focus on detail even to the packaging. Every part of an Apple product must meet standards of appearance, use, and durability that most companies cannot afford. Sure, Apple makes goofs now and then. Consider the iPhone antennae screw-up. Things like that get so much attention because they are so rare.

    What makes Apple products and the Macintosh a good buy is simple Economics 101. Price vs Value. Macs last longer and have better resale value. In addition, they are less expensive to own. Repairs are fewer. Software is cheaper. For example, OSX 10.6.n is $29 when not discounted and upgrades are not only free, but ridiculously easy to install. Other software is similarly inexpensive. Final Cut Express can be found for $150. Sony Vegas is more like $700. Final Cut is used in professional movie editing just as is Vegas.

    Other Mac software is often free. I am continually amazed at how much really excellent freeware or shareware is available. Only this week, I downloaded a program that extends the capabilities of the Magic Trackpad so far beyond the basics that come with it that I expect Apple to purchase it from the developer and make it standard.

    In the area of value, let’s also look at productivity. My experience with Windows 7 has shown it to be the most stable, reliable version of Windows to date. Even so, Windows software does often crash and normally brings down the entire system with it. With Macs, any software crashes are unusual and rarely affect the entire system. The lost productivity involved with crashes and re-installing windows is rarely considered when complaining about Mac prices.

    In over 25 years with both systems, I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I have had to re-install the Mac OS. One of those was really my fault, so it is better than the numbers would indicate. In that same time, I’ve had to re-install various Windows versions hundreds of times. Also, with Macs, installing the OS does not require wiping the entire hard drive. For some reason, after almost 3 decades of copying Apple, Microsoft has yet to learn that trick. Macs have done it from at least the Fat Mac, the first one I used.

    All of this has made Apple the largest computer manufacturer in the world. I recently read that 20% of all new computers sold in the USA are Macs. Considering that only one manufacturer has accomplished this against dozens of Windows suppliers makes that number even more amazing.

    • Wayne says:

      @James Smith: The reliability argument is a non runner. As pointed out by an earlier commenter we have no idea what the standards were (hardware wise) in these comparisons. You yourself pointed out that Macs cost more and PC’s are value machines. So out of the “hundreds” you’ve had issue with how many exactly were top end custom built machines that had the same or near similar spec as a Mac? My guess would be none.

      And as for free software, I don’t know where to start. I run a PC, laptop and netbook on entirely free software (apart from Windows), and never have an issue finding more free software when I need it.

      You sound like a Mac fan, and thats fine, but your point is unbalanced.

      I love both machines. I run Windows machines, Macs and Linux distros, and honestly there are great and terrible things about them all. The problem with this infographic though is that it is a bunch of data pulled from seven referenced locations and not a comprehensive benchmarking test. So all it does is cause discord as seen above in comments with “fan-boys” calling each other “fan-boys.” A comparable hardware/software series of tests would be interesting, but all I could see it doing is causing more nonsensical name calling.

      • Skepticalnewt says:

        I find it amusing that there are so many “Mac fanboy” claims, but no one ever mentions “pc fanboys”.

        Also that the pc side finds it necessary to shift perspective frequently in order to find a winning argument. Sometimes it’s they are cheaper, sometimes it’s “if you compare a top end pc to a Mac…”

        • crazyhorse says:

          You do realize that the only reason a shift in perspective is necessary is that incorrect comparisons are being made, right? Just as you don’t judge cars based on one single factor, you can’t compare computers on the basis of one factor either. It is necessary to readjust our lenses in order to get a more objective perspective on a topic. If you are afraid that Macs will look worse because more information is being considered, then you have already subconsciously admitted that Macs are indeed worse.

    • czvet says:

      …. I just wish I could afford a Mac Book Pro …. I’m sick of Windows …. and the poor quality computers it is used on …. to me a Mac is like a Rolex watch or Mayback automobile … PCs are like Yugos … you don’t have to be a computer expert (geek) to see the difference…

    • Jeremiah says:

      You mention how long Macs last. I have 5 pcs ranging from 3 months old to 12 years old. and all of them work. It is a computer, It does not need to last more then 5-6 years before they are completely obsolete and can not really be used for much anymore. How much longer do you need then the 12 years i have gotten out of my oldest pc so far. As far as resell value. of course macs are going to have a higher resel value, you paid more for it.

      I am not going to say macs are bad. They are not. There are great computers. They do not how ever justify there price, unless you a buying a mac for a sepcific program that you use regularly. Like video editing and such, but even then PC’s have come a long way in those areas. This comes to your price vs value. For my purposes of internet, multimedia, and gaming. Macs are way overpriced and can’t do any of those things as well, especially the gaming. Macs do not have the hardware for gaming to begin with, and a vast majority of games are not written for macs. So for me Mac have no value for my needs. Value is for the person that is buying it. There is a reason 92% percent of the market is PC, for the average person the PC is a much better value. It suits there needs at a MUCH lower price. Yes the quality of the parts is lesser then a mac. But not that much less. PC’s are not half the quality but you certainly will pay half the price for the equivalent system. Plus you can get a PC exactly the way you want it and not limited to what apple wants.

      I will be the first to admit that the OSX has and advantage as an operating system though. It is more stable and fewer viruses. There are reason for this though. When you only have to write an operating system for a very small selection of hardware. It is always going to be more stable. Windows, has to be written with what seems like an endless amount of hardware possibilities it is going to be much more difficult to catch all of the possible problems. Windows 7 has done a pretty good job of solving this issue. Now on to viruses. Every program known to man has vulnerabilities, there is no way around that. It is just a matter of explioting it. Hackers are going to go with vulnerabilities that are going to give them the most bang for the buck. So why would they write a virus or other malware for 5% of the market, when the same amount of effort in windows will give you 92% of the market, and get a lot more bang for you buck, and do a lot more harm with the same mount of effort.

      Macs are great computers and have there place, but there is definitley a reason they are such a smalll portion of the market. They are great for their niche, but PC’s fit most people much better.

    • Olesma says:

      I’m sorry – but your “different viewpoint” is hardly different. Citing manufacturing numbers and percentages of overall sales doesn’t say anything about build quality. If you want to draw analogies look at the car industry. Toyota was formerly known as a high-quality auto maker. As they have slowly become the world’s largest auto manufacturer their overall quality has dropped. Large size prevents adequate controls over the entire organization (something which you should also be familiar with having worked with IBM).

      Prior comments are much more attuned to the overall debate, i.e.: what kind of hardware was used in testing? “Average” still doesn’t mean anything if we don’t know what systems were tested. Yes, PCs are cheaper but did they use bottom-of-the-line machines as the benchmark for the comparison? or did they use “average” machines? I know that for the price of a Mac I could build out a killer PC.

      Overall, all the article did was reinforce the stereotypical perception of the strengths/weaknesses of the opposing systems. Short infographics that claim a clear-cut “winner” for various categories are a lazy way of doing a comparison. There are only a few categories listed where you could clearly state a “winner” based on the overall platforms. Security is definitely an everyday issue for PCs and less of an issue for Mac users (not including any web/e-mail based breaches). Reliability of the OS is also a pretty good win for Mac – but it is not a clear win in the hardware department. The “everyday user” argument if it’s going to be used for defending the security, reliability and compatibility categories then you have to throw out the typography, 3d rendering and color matching for the same reason – everyday users won’t care about that stuff.

      All of the other categories have quite a bit of room for real debate and much more rigorous and thorough testing (or at least a listing of the parameters around which the conclusions were based). Having seen numerous “comparison” tests, they are usually done by either Mac or PC fanboys and clearly bias one or the other. It is a very rare thing to see a truly fair comparison between the two.

      Mostly, it all comes down to the heuristics of personal preference.

      Shocking. I know.

    • civico says:

      I fully subscribe to your comments. Now, I suggest not comparing the amount of times the OS has to be re-installed, as it is a very easy thing. Instead, I would like to hear about how many people have moved from Windows to OS X and vice-versa. Actually, I never heard about a single case of the latter. Another interesting comparison is the one suggested by an anecdote: a went to see a friend of mine and it turns out he had bought a MacBook, -don’t know what motivated someone like him to do this. He said: “I haven’t even looked at my old Toshiba in two weeks. Since I bought this one, I don’t know anymore what it is to shutdown or reboot. I just close the lid and reopen it again the next morning”.
      Has anyone thought about considering the number of reboots?
      Yes, one could close the lid of its Windows laptop every night and reopen it again … just to find that there is this Windows update asking for a reboot. Even something as ridiculously simple as Adobe Acrobat Reader requires a reboot after each update. I soon understood that running Windows means *you* serving the computer and not the other way around. This is not the case with the Mac. I never fear loosing data, or that installing that particular piece of software might collide with another one previously installed, turning the system into a veritable black box.
      I have found myself so many times in the position of considering living with a degraded Windows system, just for the sake of not having to go through the ordeal of re-installing, updating OS and all the other stuff.

      • Bailey says:

        When I was in elementary school, most schools had Macs, those big, chunky desktop ones with the clear plastic. I learned how to do basic things on the computer on those. When I was thirteen, I got my first computer. It ran on Vista. I still liked it better than the Macs then. I then moved on to XP and I now run on Windows 7 Professional…I’m in college and for my major we have Mac computers and I don’t like them one bit.
        But that’s a personal preference.

    • Joker says:

      “Macs cost more for one main reason. They are worth it. Keep in mind that Apple is the only manufacturer of the Macintosh.” – When you have a monopoly on a market you can set your own price. No one is going to argue because you are the only supplier. It has nothing to do with value. I would love to own a Mac but I get disgusted when looking through their store at pricing of components. For example, 6GB of DDR3 Ram in my PC cost me about 65$. On the only comparable model (The iMac, as the Mac Pro uses Xeon CPUS$$$), to go from 4GB to 8GB of RAM they want to charge you 220$!!! To upgrade from a 1TB HDD to a 2TB HDD is 160$!!! That is ludicrous inflation of value. I could go on and on….. Macs are great for professionals who need the stability and can afford to pay the Mac dictatorship what they ask for their albeit pretty, but vastly over priced PC’s in disguise.

      “Final Cut Express can be found for $150. Sony Vegas is more like $700. Final Cut is used in professional movie editing just as is Vegas.” – Final Cut Express is used MAINLY for editing home videos and youtube clips. Ask almost any Pro in the movie industry what version of Final Cut they are using and they will tell you Final Cut Studio, my sister uses it and the price tag was 999$.

      As I see it, Macs have two things going for them: One, They look pretty! All their products do, I’ve had 4 Iphones and an iPad, and known many friends with Macbooks of all shapes and sizes. Even the software UI is polished up and nice to look at. They all kinda look the same and all look pretty nice. Not so much if you want to stand out from the crowd though.
      And Two, SOFTWARE stability. They run on the same hardware nowadays, making the only benefit to buying a mac the OS. So really you have to decide whether you can live with a crash every now and again with Windows and get your hands dirty and actually learn how to get a computer up and running, or whether you want to pay double or triple for identical hardware that’s going to be obsolete in a year.

      Just my 2 cents.

      • Kerr Avon says:

        Apple gets away with the insane overcharging of hardware and upgrades because Mac users are too clueless to complain.

  10. seeker5528 says:

    Naturally OS X is faster if you compare based on a PC and a MAC that are technically equal. OS X is only intended to work with a limited range of hardware, chosen by Apple, which they then tune the OS for. If you compare based on equivalently priced systems, there is a good chance the PC will be better hardware, which makes the question of speed a little more subjective generally speaking, but, in spite of that, with Apple’s tendency to focus on creativity, there are specific areas where a Mac is likely to outperform a PC even when comparing by price.

    A lot of stability issues are driver/hardware related, so much of the stability benefit of a Mac is from lack of choice and QA Apple does for 3rd party they bless for use with the Mac. Not saying the stability point made in the chart is wrong, just that it’s not the whole story and as a result somewhat misleading.

    While it is true that Virus/worm related threats targetting the Mac are not common, they are not unheard of. No system is completely immune for security breaches either. It’s hard to protect users from themselves, if they don’t keep up with security updates, don’t have a healthy amount of paranoia about things they do on the internet, software they download, etc… all bets are off.

    Personally I find Macs frustrating, but I can’t fault anybody else for choosing to use one.

    In the end it’s really all about choice, are you content with a system where your choices are limited by Apple or do you want a big pool of choices knowing that some percentage of those choices are complete garbage or in other cases choices that may be good individually may not be good together.

    Later, Seeker

  11. ericsalinas says:

    just scratch Mac & substitute with “PlayBook” and also substitute PC with “iPad” and it will be the same results

  12. Bill Bird says:

    If I could afford one, I’d own a MAC. I like PC’s due the fact I can build them.

  13. Teshticles says:

    I agree and disagree with this chart but as a diagram it lacks detail and sometimes just says ‘windows cannot do this as well’. Also are the areas being evaluated really the areas that matter to everyone. For example I don’t do much video editing so that isn’t really relevant to me. On the other hand if you’re not a gamer then that as a evaluation criterion isn’t really important. I believe that such things are too complex to break down into simple terms. Although it does attempt to save us all time hunting around for articles which may or may not be good souces to aide our decisions. All in all the comparison should probabily be taken with a pinch of salt but shows a lot of useful information of current trends.

  14. Bill Condie says:

    Multimedia. What EXACTLY does a Mac have today that I’m missing on Windows 7?

    And how about “Type Styles rendering better on a Mac.” You mean pre-press? Or what you see on screen? Faster? Aren’t cross-platform OpenFonts exactly the same?

    I used to be on classic Mac. On Photoshop and Quark I can’t tell the difference.

  15. Mikey says:

    We all know the reason Mac’s are known for their security and their lack of viruses is because of reasons 10, 16, 17, and 18 on the list. The people who make viruses are in it to make money. Why would they bother spending all their time and effort in making viruses for an OS with only a 5% market share? I mean really, they’re not idiots. But the people out there who think this means that Apples are designed to never get virusus, or are completely immune to them are the true idiots.

    This comes from personal experience, too. The only time I’ve had my credit card info stolen was when I attached it to my iTunes account and that was hacked.

  16. Michelle says:

    To: James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil
    THANK YOU for the in-depth, insightful comments. Very educational and useful.

  17. chrisfixit says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    What Multimedia tasks are better done on a Mac?
    As to comparing speeds, what were the specs of each machine?
    In 8 years of supporting an internet cafe with 10 PCs running XP, I only once had an infected machine, and that was when someone deliberately uninstalled the antivirus.
    I have never had a virus on any of my 4 Windows 7 machines .
    Macs are overpriced fashion accessories – I will build a faster PC than any Mac for less cost. And they DO go wrong.. I love it when I get a call from someone with a sick Mac.. “It can’t be broken, it’s a Mac”.

    Utter tosh the lot of it.

  18. darrell says:

    which should i choose a mac or pc…. it needs to be anti-freeze cooled… water jackets. on a 4 or 8 core intel chip or chips, hard drives and both latest nvidia video cards sli’d together and their gpu’s .. 2 terrabyte raid 0… 2 e satas and 6 usbs 1 firewire on the front of the computer and 8 usbs, 2 firewire and 2 esatas on the back, dual gigabit nic cards, blutooth, wifi, infrared, 16 gig ram, 64bit os, and monster pipe on the motherboard… 2 read write bluray optical drives, hdmi via sound card dolby 5+ connected to video card and home stereo system… huge power supply,,, the machine and memory will be overclocked,, it will run at least 180 simultaneous processes including 2 music servers 2 video servers , 1 book server, and 3 upload programs and a plethora of media device recognation services, it will run 5 printers, 4 scanners (different models) and have 100+ applications including cs5 acdsee pro 4 and 6 different video conversion programs…. the monitor is a 55 inch samsung lcd 1080p….
    the conversion software has to allow me choises of choosing priority processing, how many chips are used and percentage of use along with using the 2 gpu’s on the video cards… it will operate on a full network with several other computers behind a barracuda spam catcher and a sonicwall firewall with 6 buffalo raid 5 ethernet drives mapped to the computer…..oh yes and i’m willing to build the system myself….

    mac or pc mac or pc…. OH WAIT!!! ive already built this machine (with minor variations) and its been running for a year with NO problems well except itunes which locks up my computer sometimes when i connect my verizon iphone 4….. what is it??? a mac or pc or mac or pc or mac or pc or mac or pc? i wonder which would convert a 4 gig video file from mpg2 to mpg4 or wmv…. hmmmmm???

  19. Luke says:

    I think the only problem here is market share. PCs become more vulnerable to attack because they are more common. If 95 percent of the world were driving Fords and 5 percent were driving Chevys then of course you would expect there to be a much higher number of accidents caused by and involving Fords. That’s just statistics.

    And I feel like some of the most important topics didn’t have much weight here while some other less important ones did have the same amount of weight. Why do I care about gaming if I don’t do any gaming or why do I care about running Mac OS X on my PC if I don’t want to use a Mac?

    The bottom line for me is that I use both Macs and PCs and I use them for different things but if you’re only buying one machine then you have to make a personal choice of what is best going to suit you.

  20. MrAL says:

    It’s nice to use both side-by-side… makes me more productive… 1 thing though, if i’m gonna buy a PC with a price of a MAC, I’d get a winner PC.

  21. Bill Gates says:

    Obviously this comparison was the work of someone in favour of Macintosh. More multimedia apps for mac? wow this here is a big statement you don’t even go into the depth of what is on offer you are merely going off on a whim. Quality beats Quantity on every front for computing needs, you can have 25,000 video software applications and only 10 of them be what most of us would call decent. The entire Adobe suite is available on PC and many many other industrial scale applications for multimedia that counts. Before you write your next review do a little more research and go in-depth on actually what is not possible on either.

  22. Allan E. says:

    I agree it is like comparing apples to oranges, although I think there are several things wrong in the comparison. First let me state that I use Windows systems almost exclusively. I have recently been exposed to Apple’s operating system as we use it at church to run the Pro Presenter multimedia program during our services. My Acer laptop with all kinds of programs on it loads much quicker that the apple system that is only used to run the Pro program and does not have anything else on it than the basic programs it came with and Pro Presenter. I was surprised and asked my friend who is the main operator of our system at church. He owns and uses Mac’s for the most part. He said that was normal. Now that Mac’s are capturing a larger share of the personal computer market, attacks on Mac systems are rapidly rising and will continue to do so. Anyone who is relying on owning a Mac to protect themselves without taking any other actions to protect themselves are asking for trouble. As for stability, I will readily admit that the earlier windows operating systems were prone to crashing. Having said that, I am constantly downloading and trying out new programs on my Acer 64 bit Win 7 laptop and have yet to have it crash on me. I have had infections of viruses and Trojans that were easily removed with the security tools I had at hand without losing my personal information, or having to do a reinstall. The one big surprise to me about the Mac system was that operations I could accomplish with one or two clicks on my Win 7 system often required several operations to preform on the Mac computer. At first I assumed that this was because I was just not as familiar with the Mac system. But when my Mac literate friend had to go through the same convoluted procedures I was amazed. Both companies make excellent computers with excellent operating systems. Hopefully they will both continue to do so, thus encouraging innovation because of their competition.

  23. Mr.Manc says:

    Mac’s should get another plus for Disk Warrior alone! ;-)

  24. Adam says:

    With all due respect, I believe the comparison is made based on old standards, when Hollywood used to use Macs only, and colleges were donated Macs. PC runs many more apps for multimedia, many different formats and devices (which explains the variety of formats). Software that used to be available only for Macs now are released for PC first.
    ITunes is too invasive, changes the way things are done, filed and found, and only serves a certain segment of the industry. Anyway, ITunes is available for PCs, too. So is Safari. As for starting up more quickly, I also disagree. If you use the “sleep” command or “stand by” (like Macs) PCs start much more quickly too. Viruses??? They exist even for telephones and are not the main concern these days. Adware is much more intrusive and destructive. The only difference is that you can use system restore, third-party software, anti-viruses, etc. With Macs, you take them to the Apple store and they reinstall the OS for you.

  25. kevyn says:

    one of the sources is fox news… I think that says it all really. macs and PCs both have their advantages, however this chart seems a bit biased!

  26. Bryant Hanson says:

    It’s all very interesting. My experience goes back a looong way, But, bottom line, I bought Macbooks for my college age daughters, they are “bulletproof.” I use an old IBM T42 laptop using Linux Ubuntu. I’m totally happy! My desktop HP Pavilion hard drive failed in 90 days (cheap-cheap!) And Vista OS? ‘Nuff said…

  27. Adam says:

    Macs, however, are more innovative in design. Ipads? What about Windows pads of years ago???
    I am not a fan of Bill Gates, and I strongly believe that Steve Jobs has given invaluable contribution to the design industry (not to mention music). He is a necessary creativity source to our world so grey and full of 1’s and 0’s. Viva Steve Jobs, but does anyone remember OS5, OS4, Windows 95, Windows 98? Anyone tryed Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP3 (my greatest love), or Windows 7 (a real real OBE)? Vista had its faults but mostly because OEM’s were releasing old hardware with new software. My 2 laptops run on Windows Vista without a crash for more than 2 years.

  28. ed says:

    each system is better than the other in some areas so buy both systems including Linux and you won’t have to read articles like this….bwahahaha.

  29. Al Lustie says:

    I use both. Sadly, a bit more than 2 years ago I purchased 2 Dells in a row, then two Gateways in a row to replace PCs whose mother boards had fried. The first Dell and the first Gateway were Dead On Arrival. The replacements went bad in 2-3 days. I was able to fix the DELL, with a lot of help from a supervisor of their support team, but not the Gateway. Because of the poor quality control I went and purchased an iMac. WOW! $99 for Applecare (that’s cheap). No viruses in 2 years and 2 months. Very little extra to purchase. Adobe switched my CS4 license from PC to Mac for $5.00.
    A year later I did the math with a lady looking to purchase a computer. The Apple laptop she wanted cost $5.00 more than the similar PC after she added all the security stuff to the PC laptop. And software. Etc. She purchased an Apple.
    I use both, daily. I work on both, daily. I tutor people on both, weekly. But the Mac’s are simply made better, in my experience.

  30. Nick says:

    I built my computer myself using new, high quality (not quite top of the line) hardware about 6 months ago. Just in terms of stats, it is superior to the lowest level mac pro (checked today) in every way listed (CPU clock/cores, graphics card, memory, storage, even CD drive speed). In addition, I have it running on two raided SSD’s. It also has a separate blu-ray drive, SD card reader, and a fancy sound card. the whole thing ran me $1400. mac pros start at 3k.

    Microsoft releases a new version of Windows every 3 years or so. You can find a new copy (oem, 1 user) of Windows for $90.
    Apple releases a new version of Mac OS X like clockwork every year for $30.

    Can we run this strange uncited speed-test on my PC instead?

  31. Vgamesx1 says:

    Also this isn’t to fair of a comparation considering most PCs are around $300 – $400
    and a iMac would cost you $2,000.

  32. Vgamesx1 says:

    Oh and, @Security
    “Mac has yet to be threatend by viruses” Thats a Load of crap there….
    I know for a fact that people have gotten viruses on a Mac, and not only that but sure there less likely to get a virus but when they do it is a huge problem.
    As for Windows if you get a virus its not usally a big deal, hey I’ve even had a fake virus before which did nothing but frightin you.

  33. Veronica says:

    Well right from the start, I’ll admit my Mac exposure is pretty limited. I bought a second-hand MacBook Pro a couple of years ago and have had a ‘mixed’ experience. Curiosity played a major role in my purchase. I wanted to see what everyone was talking and gushing about.

    On the plus side – yes, it’s MUCH faster, cleaner, easier to navigate. However, I don’t think I’d buy another one. I have run into a couple of hardware issues that have really put a downer on my whole experience.

    First I got to witness the whole ‘exploding battery’ problem (where the battery puffs up and bulges out so the comp is unusable … to say nothing of the safety risks). After doing a bit of research, I discovered this is a known issue and Apple offers a replacement …. if your comp is less than a year old. So there went a couple hundred dollars to replace that. Shortly afterwards, the power cord started fraying at the magnetic plugin. After a couple of sparks and ‘tingles’, that also had to be replaced. More costs. Again… with research, this seemed to be a well-known issue.

    Overall, the fact that Apple know about these problems, and are not willing to take responsibility for fixing them (admittedly the battery issue is supposed to have been addressed in newer models), has left a very bad taste for me. After all, you pay much more for a Mac; I expect corresponding service and reliability for my money.

  34. Tarkam says:

    I honestly wish that almost everyone would use a Mac, so that I would still be the underdog that uses a PC. I think of Macs as “dumbed down” for anyone to use, and that is why I always recommend a Mac to everyone I meet. Don’t get me wrong they are very powerfull and when I use them I always use the terminal to take full control of them.

    I really admire apple, I love my Ipad and used to own a G5… But for my taste I prefer Windows. W7 the way I use it is very fast, very stable, very customizable and lets me do whatever I want with my pc. I do envy some of the graphic FX of OSX as stacks and Expose, and though you can mimic them in Windows they never really fill “native” and fully baked. Windows sometimes feels “clunky” and not cluttered but it can be customized.

    On the hardware side nothing I’ve seen beats a unibody macbook pro, but some PC manufacturers are really striving to reach that same level of quality, so that is really good for the industry.

    In a nutshell, love your OS, whichever it is, both have their advantages and disadvantages and stop trying to shove the OS you like to anyone else, it feels like you are an evangelist of a Religion, if someone is constantly saying that their religion is the best, well good for them, just be quiet and enjoy whatever you believe.

  35. Bob says:

    Color matching? Who cares?

  36. Level Seven says:

    While I use a Mac, I’m on neither side of the debate. I used PCs for a long time, and I like them fine, but Macs do what I need them to as a graphic designer. With that out of the way, I don’t think that the popularity column is really correct. The fact that more schools use PCs doesn’t mean they’re more popular, it just means that more PCs are cheaply mass produced to be donated to schools, or sold at a low bulk price. I also disagree with the software compatibility column. Although software does work differently on a Mac, I have found that it is much easier to use, especially to install, than on a PC. Anyways, like I said, I’m on neither side of the debate, these are just my opinions.

  37. Stephen Jobs says:

    Stability: If a windows user keeps up to date with their critical updates, refrains from messing around with system files or regedit (unless they know what they’re doing), and ensures that all software and drivers are compatable with their particular release of the OS (and lets be honest, it’s incredibly rare to find a common piece of software that isn’t compatable with any given Windows release from the last 10-15 years), there should be no stability problems. Unless you’re using ME or Vista, but well then it’s your own damn fault for not upgrading (mac users rush out and get the latest OS the minute it’s released because GOD FORBID they have something OUTDATED!…why not include that in your lovely little comparison? I know people who still use PCs from the 1990s and while they’re less powerful and clunky looking than modern PCs they get the job done for basic stuff…can’t really say the same for mac people)

    Security: macs are threatened by viruses all the time…I had a biology teacher in high school send out a file that was corrupted with a Mac virus once. Of course it led to an uproar cause all the kids INSISTED that their macs “couldn’t get viruses”, when it was plain and obvious that there was in fact a virus in the file. Mac users are pretentious and ignorant…i don’t see that point anywhere on the list either.

    Reliability: Why would you even need to be moving around program files in the first place? If you do it PROPERLY, third-party programs will work fine on a PC even if moved to something obscure like an external hard drive. Moving system files is a stupid idea…figure out for yourself. I can’t claim to know much about the inner workings of Mac OS, but I highly doubt you can go freely moving about system files wherever you please without causing any problems. And again to draw from personal experience, I had a friend end up having to reinstall OSX on his brand new mac book pro due to an installation of MS Word gone bad. It’s not because Microsoft doesnt care about developing software for macs, it’s because macs HAVE THE SAME KINDS OF PROBLEMS AS WINDOWS!

    Multimedia: The defaults on macs (Garage Band, iMovie and Photo Booth), are better than anything you get out of the box with a PC, but no serious professional in any of those fields would ever use any of those programs, they’re still crap. The professional programs like ProTools, Final Cut and Photoshop do in fact come in PC versions! Amazing isn’t it?? As for playback, iTunes and QuickTime have nothing on foobar, VLC, Winamp and the endless amounts of open-source media players available for Windows. And Windows Media Player isn’t even half bad (but I still wouldn’t go anywhere near it or iTunes). Perhaps another point to be made is that Mac users aren’t smart enough to discover and download superior, more customizable third-party programs?

    Compatibility: it can be done, it’s just incredibly difficult. A Mac user is more likely to want/need to run Windows than the other way around — what message does THAT send? ;)

    Gaming: Running a game gets pretty easy once you put a Windows partition on your Mac. I assume we’re comparing whole computers here as opposed to OS’s exclusively, based on the affordability and selection points. I’m not “defending” the mac, i’m just calling out the article on yet another misfact.

    Big Screen Connectivity: Anything can be hooked up to anything with enough adapters, converters and cables. The only real difference between macs and windows is that to hook up a mac to anything you need a converter to convert the mac mini-port thing to VGA. From there, everything is the same, and in fact the projector interface for Mac OS is as simple as, if not simpler than that for Windows.

    Typography: Not only is this subjective, it’s also superficial and irrelevent. Plus, everyone knows that anyone who’s serious about their work types everything in a monotype font xD

    Color Matching: Why not show some proof or details to support the statement that “Windows does not color match as well as Mac”? After all the trouble of explaining Colorsync, it would only be fair to give just as much detail on the opposing end.

    Speed Test: The speed test fails to take into account the two most basic things — capability of the machine in question, and background programs. Many PCs are not as well-equipped as macs in terms of processor speed, memory, and various other things, for a number of reasons. for one — they don’t need to be. Windows can run the bare minimums on virtually nothing. I have a netbook that’s approaching 2 years old, runs windows XP and has 1gb of memory and has a 1.6GHz processor. It’s slow as all shit when running firefox with 25 tabs, openoffice, AIM and VLC all at the same time but the point is it still works. Try using a mac with those same specs — you probably wouldn’t even be able to properly boot up the OS. There is also the age factor — returning to a previous point, PC users tend to keep their computers longer, and those who are not sufficient technologically, financially, or in any other way, to upgrade their components are left with older, “slower” computers (I put “slower” in quotes only because these components are most likely adequate if not relatively fast when they are brand new).

    Terribly written article with bad information, heavy manipulation of facts, glaring oversights and an obvious bias towards Macs. Of course that being said, Windows is a pretty horrible OS too. I say we all go with Linux and put the PC vs. Mac debate behind us for good.

    • Vgamesx1 says:

      wow, you said it all.

    • George Klein says:

      Have you ever had a Mac? If not, how do you know which is better or not? From whatever others told you, or from school kids (see “Security”)? Please, be serious.

      I had used Windows from its inception as a separate operating system (Win95) until Win XP, but two years ago I switched to Apple. After about two decades or so of using Windows and two years of Apple Mac OSX experience I think I am more entitled to have an opinion about these operating systems, especially that I am not just a “casual” user. I am not a “real professional”, since I don’t make a living out of computers, but I know much more about them than an average person. I am an advanced amateur photographer, and I use the computer not only for improving the quality of the photographs I take, but for restoring old photographs, too.
      I don’t say Mac OSX is a better operating system in every aspect. No, it has its own weaknesses compared with Windows. But, overall it is a better, much more stable and faster operating system than any version of Windows.
      No doubt about that.
      Almost without exception all professional photographers use Apple computers in their work. They probably have a reason, don’t they?

      Here is a rebuttal of some of your anti-Apple biased opinions:

      Stability: even the most stable of Windows operating system the XP crashes sometimes. In spite of being meticulous with critical updates and not trying at all to “play” with regedit my XP crashed about once a month.
      Since April 2009, when I switched to Apple not even one system crash had occurred.

      Security: it is heartening to know that hard core computer “specialists” (kids) have such an influence on certain people on the issue if computer viruses. It is a well known fact, that computer viruses for the Mac do exist, but their number is neglectable compared with the Windows viruses. It is just not worth (yet) for virus writers to waste their time . . .

      Reliability: Interestingly, my own experience shows that installing programs on a Mac is much easier than on a Windows machine, and they don’t crash the system. And reverting to a previous stage, to just prior to installing a bad program is incomparably easier on a Mac because of Time Machine. If you don’t know what Time Machine is, please look it up.

      Compatibility: I was not and am not interested running any version of Windows on my Mac. I don’t feel any need of it. Some Mac users do run Windows on their Apple computers just because it is cheaper to buy that software than purchasing a Mac version of a few other programs. Most serious software companies do provide free of charge switching from their Windows version to the Apple Mac version. The world renowned Adobe is one example of the above. I switched their Photoshop and Lightroom programs from Windows to Mac for free.

      Color matching: what do you think why all professional photographers use Macs?

      Speed test: it is known that Macs “age” slower than Windows machines. Ask a computer professional if you don’t believe this.

  38. markiz says:

    What exactly is considered in multimedia? I do not get that one (among other propaganda)..

  39. Zero says:

    I feel compelled to say this.
    Windows only crashes if you do things you’re not supposed to. Install “shareware” programs. Or clicking on shady websites.
    I mean, if windows were to limit compatibility with other programs and reduce the amount of software available, the chances of screwing up is far less. Problems only occur when people keep forcing windows to run programs that it’s not intended to run. (bad programmers mainly).
    I mean, it’s not a fair comparison. If you’re IT savvy enough, windows is just fine. Unless you’re a total newb then maybe Mac is better.
    I know you will argue that Mac has deeper functionality in terminal and all, but then again, the chances of you screwing something up in there is higher. There are tradeoffs with everything. It’s just not a fair comparison in my opinion.

  40. Joel Haas says:

    They are operating systems, not religions. I switched from Windows to Mac in 2008 to avoid any upgrade hassles with Win Vista. I have been pleased with the fast open and crash free aspect (thought the spinning beach ball can occur and a specific program may freeze up a lot (hear me Firefox 4?)
    I did find learning to use a Mac irritating, sort of like learning to drive somebody else’s car; the headlights button is on the left not the right sort of thing. I did not find it any more “intuitive” than Windows. I think the Non-DOS vs DOS GUI claims of the distant past are pretty much gone. Mac used to have an easier GUI, now it just has a slightly different one.
    I HAVE found what I consider the deliberate gouging of the Mac customer with seemingly more special adapters a pain and I will say the near religious fervor of the Apple store employees is irritating as well. I heard a lot of “Windows can’t do that” stuff when I was buying my first Mac. I remember thinking “actually, it can. Have you NEVER used a Win machine? Just tell me about the machine–the Windows can’t do that just undermines your credibility.”
    I bought the Mac after making careful cost and time comparisons–security software and crash time lost vs lost fewer crashes and less security time problems. It turned out to be a wise economic choice.
    Not a fan boy either way–just look at computers as tools. Macs may be a pain to deal with in the future, in which case I go back Windows.

  41. WinUser says:

    The reason Windows can be run from OS X both bootcamp and virutual and OS X can’t run on PC is actually a positive point to Windows. It just shows how “closed” the system Mac (Apple).

  42. rj says:

    Just to be perfectly clear. A ‘PC’ is not merely ‘Windows’. PC means personal computer. A Mac is a personal computer by definition. A rig running Linux is a personal computer.

    Windows can run Mac OSX (through emulation software) and configuring that requires as much technical knowledge as running Boot Camp. Dual-booting Mac in a Windows computer is just as hard vice-versa.

    The speed test, in my opinion, is very biased. Are you sure that both computers have similar specs? Running as few applications as possible?

    Security for Windows is just as good as a Mac’s (if not better). The reason Windows appears more vulnerable is because virus coders can target more computers running Windows because of its wide usage. In other words, they have identical bullet-proof vests, but Windows gets hit with more bullets.

    In the Typography section, the reason fonts appear better is because Apple specifically engineered their font renderer to have a high fidelity to the font itself. Windows hammers the font’s pixels in a pixel grid for it to be more uniform, but looks a little different from what the author made it to be. Both companies think that they have the superior font rendering engine, but judgement to that ends up with the user.

    Macs do not have better hardware. They only have controlled hardware (in the sense that Apple knows everything there is to know about a Mac). I could build a PC myself and have hardware reliability comparable to that of a Mac. That is because I know exactly where everything goes, what they do, and ways to fix them.

    There is no sole winner. Both operating systems excel in their various fields:
    Windows with its compatibility, games, ubiquity, cost and flexibility.
    Mac for its multimedia capabilities and bragging rights (?)

    • Vgamesx1 says:

      @”A ‘PC’ is not merely ‘Windows’. PC means personal computer. A Mac is a personal computer by definition.”

      Thank You.

  43. sandyxdr says:

    Now, if the point of this graph was accessibility I could’ve go with it. There is NOTHING better momentarily than App store and iTunes. That is something I think really put Apple out there not the hardware or OS

  44. Greg says:

    Who cares about quantity when you can have quality…
    Forget market share, Apple has the win where it counts stock price!

    My Apple stock – $332.42 share
    Your Microsoft stock price – $25.42 share

    Apple for the WIN ;-D

  45. Kevin says:

    Actually a mac can connect to a TV. Sure you have to buy a cord but I have to buy a cord for my PS3, my printer, my scanner etc. Plus Mac constantly updates their TV drivers. SO I would change that check mark to the other side.

  46. Nigel says:

    There is so much fanboyism here that it just hurts. A lot of the information in that graphic is just false, for both sides. I just hope to god no one bases their next computer purchase on this, because that would just be pathetic.

  47. jake says:

    Linux on a PC now thats a wonderfull world;)

  48. jake says:

    Greg what dose stock market shares have to do with a user computing on a

  49. Ganesh Babu says:

    Great Comparison ! But the comparison should have been made on much more aspects too.

  50. Steve says:

    Say what you want, but I threw my Compac Laptop out the window in 2006 after starting it up and waiting 15 minutes and still not getting to my desktop, and went out and bought a macbook the same day. Since then I have also picked up a 2003 G5 tower that is the heart of my entertainment system, and my girlfriend has recently added a macbook pro to the family. I will never buy another PC, and am constantly encouraging my friends and family to do the same. Never has anyone who I have “converted” come back and tell me later that they wish they hadn’t. I have download thousands of gigs of files from not always reputable sources and have never once had a problem with a virus or malware. People say “Well, they just don’t write mac viruses because everyone uses PC’s,” but i don’t believe that. With the amount of downloading I have done, I am convinced that my systems are more secure than the best PCs. I used to fear Torrents and Limewire(now sadly defunct), but now there is no fear. Call me a fanboy if you like, I will wear the banner proud. As of today I have had Zero problems. If I sold all my computers today they would be worth something, can you say that about your old PCs? You can build the ultimate PC, and after six months of use your system will be slow as hell and you’ll have to wipe your drive and start over. I love my macs, and you will never convince me to go back. Just one man’s opinion, your experience may differ.

  51. Mike says:

    There is good and bad in every type of computer, I have been using PC’s since the IBM XT came out, I did the 286,386, 486 etc all the way up to the Quad Core, I have had several i Macs and Mac-books, I have worked in computer repair shops and have owned and ran my own. I think it all depends on what you do with it, what precautions you take when you install programs as well as what programs you install, whether you pay for or steal the software. It depends on how you treat it, the maintenance ( how many of you have a valid working backup, reformat and reinstall yearly?) I have 4 computers and 3 laptops, MAC.PC,Linux they all run fine, they are all fast , but I work to keep them all that way. Bottom line, Buy what works for you, what you want, dont work bout anybody else.

  52. tiedyejedi says:

    1. google “mac hacking competition” – secure?
    2. macs are not as common, ergo less viruses for them. skewed statistics.
    3. macs aren’t all that stable or reliable. I had one once that had multiple personalities; it’d create new user profiles at random, just for funsies. they also, to anthropomorphize, get grumpy over almost anything.
    4. running a mac OS on windows/running windows on a mac . . . windows users don’t care about running a macOS. mac users, especially those who game, need to run windows. I don’t see ‘not able to run mac OS’ as a downside of windows.

  53. Enzer Milliard says:

    I am posting this here same as on How-To Geek:

    I would like to start off saying that a Macintosh operating system and a Windows operating system are different, but a Macintosh computer is still a PC just as a Windows computer is. PC is just an acronym for personal computer so unless it’s not yours it’s a PC. Secondly “If you a program file or folder anywhere” is not a proper phrase (refer to Reliability on the chart) and this reflects badly on the author of said chart (it is also one of the reasons I generally stay away from Gizmodo).

    Generally I agree with all of them, but I’m not so sure about the Multimedia segment. Sure out of the box a Windows computer is pretty much useless for doing anything relating to multimedia, but thankfully there are an endless number (this number is problematic) of programs to supplement it. If you add the cost of professional multimedia processing into the cost of a Windows computer I also can assume it would get much more expensive and probably surpass a Macintosh in that department.

    On the topic of gaming: the chart has “Macs can’t connect to an Xbox 360.”. Personally I find this quite a pointless point, at least for me, because I don’t even connect to mine on my Windows computer. I do play a lot of video games though and many of them work on both platforms and Valve is nice enough to give you both if you buy it on Steam.

    On the topic of big screen connectivity: I guess it’s just my TV, but it’s terrible at being hooked to a computer and doesn’t even get the 1080p resolution it should on it. I’m wondering if this is more video card drivers than actual operating system issues.

    On the topic of speed test: These numbers have system specifics so it’s hard to tell if the hardware is comparable. We all know the slowest memory is the hard drive, so if one was running a solid state disk and the other was running from a 2.5″ hard drive then there would be a noticeable difference. I’m not saying that the answer is wrong, just that I’d like more clarification on what is actually being compared.

    Either way I’d rather have a Linux computer, but it’s still a gaming nightmare.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Enzer Milliard on the topic of gaming: the chart has “Macs can’t connect to an Xbox 360.”. I also find this quite a pointless point. because I don’t even connect to mine on my Windows computer, so does my friends and colleagues.

  55. 3D HD Word says:

    Your point has no ground or at least has a bias. On the topic of “compatibility”, Mac OS also can run on a windows OS, I’ve made it by run it on windows VWM. It’s no problem. From the above comments, we see lots of problems in your points. It’s better do more search before giving your points.

  56. Anonymous says:

    GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your post, especially at the middle of your article. Thank you, this info is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your web blog:) Isabella S.

  57. Corey Edwards says:

    All of you seem rather dense. Windows has been the largest security fluke in the history of computers. The only bigger crock was the first “bug” when a moth was found trapped in a relay of the Mark II. Windows, by design, is extremely flawed and insecure. Poor password storage, the registry, DLLs, crappy networking subsystem, poor kernel GUI connection, and countless other things make Windows the absolute worst option currently on the market. People complain about Mac because of the price, and yet, when you consider the cost of maintaining a Windows machine with antivirus subscriptions (most people are clueless about the free options out there), anti-adware, anti-spyware, etc, most people end up spending more on their cumbersome Windows installations than they would on a Mac.

    Secondly, now that Windows has been effectively disqualified from any further debate in this discussion, Mac and Linux are more like cousins than anything else. The beauty of Mac vs. Linux is that Mac is certified UNIX, while Linux is still UNIX-like. (before I get flamed, I didn’t say that meant Mac is better than Linux, so don’t get your panties in a knot, ladies). Linux has a wide variety of choices ranging from commercial options to absolutely free (as in beer). Linux is a beautiful choice for lots of people, depending on the purpose for which they plan to use their computers. For me, I run Ubuntu server on an old COMPAQ as a backup unit for my main web server out in the midwest. Try getting even Windows 95 or 98 to run that well on an old machine and still do that great of a job. As far as security goes, Mac and Linux both can be tightened down as secure as the President likes to think the US Pentagon is (thats another debate all together). However, left in the hands of a novice (read, most people), even Mac and Linux can be as vulnerable as Windows. Then again, left in the hands of an expert, Windows could be fairly secure (read: if its completely isolated from any other machine and/or idiot).

    Linux and Mac both share quite a number of interchangeable programs (considering Mac OS X is UNIX, and contains, albeit, a broken copy of X). Let’s be honest about one thing, Mac is more streamlined than any Linux distro on the market. It works flawlessly out-of-the-box and has far more options for media-based applications. However, Linux is quickly catching up. LiVES, Blender (also for Mac), Audacity, etc, are all amazing options for Linux. I use many of them in my day-to-day activities.

    Bottom line: In my opinion, there is only one TRUE solution for anyone who wants a real computer to be a real personal computer – UNIX (and UNIX-like systems). In my opinion, Windows does not constitute an operating system, rather, a pathetic attempt by Microsoft to copy everything they find in the Macintosh Operating System and GNU/Darwin, GNU/Linux, or GNU/Herd.

  58. starks148 says:

    i had a PC and now i have a MAC (awesome just awesome)

  59. Anonymous says:

    I never even considered Macs and never will. I think most people are buying it only for the design.

  60. mike says:

    speed test: thats the slowest PC ive ever seen. probably slower than my windows ME or something! please give us the specs before comparing the speeds of two computers.

    ive just did a speed test for my windows7 and windows ME and here were the results-

    win7- startup:21secs shutdown:5.8secs
    ME- startup:31secs shutdown:14.4 secs

    pretty surprising what mac fanboys can do these days :P

  61. @ Newman I know what your saying there . In the current economy its difficult to find a company to work for that pays well and is consistent. I have discovered that if you just work hard and are consistent you can go places . Look at the author of this article, they are oviously hard working and have just been consistent over time and are now enjoying at least what would appear as somewhat of a success. I would encourage everyone to just keep hustling and moving forward.

  62. Mac Fangirl says:

    The popularity of Windows is totally wrong. All the schools in my district, and in surrounding districts use Macs. My cousins’ schools’ also use Mac. So, Mac is the winner for popularity.

  63. Edward says:

    Mac is a very good machine but PC for the win. if you think fast computers need to be mac’s and very high priced, check out alienware pc’s, very fast and reliable with amazing graphics and processors and everything about them is just quality for HALF the price of top of the line mac’s

  64. PC fanboy says:

    Was that speedtest made on oldest available Windows os version?

  65. Adam says:

    If you’re into gaming, MACs are worthless (even if you use Wine). Otherwise, I’d go MAC…way more reliable.

  66. Archererlink3 says:

    Mac is just ahead of their time. Back in the MS DOS days mac already had a visual os that used a mouse. They have to use their own hardware because nobody else is using 12 cores of processing and an 1800 x 1920 resolution display. The truth is we would still be using windows xp if it weren’t for windows trying to mimic Mac with vista and 7. They also are not compatible with anybody because they don’t give a care and they will do whatever the heck they want to. They don’t want to be compatible with windows because they don’t think they should be. Plus Mac OS has many more features such as multi-touch gestures and the ability to actually go FULL screen on a window. Despite all that I just said I still use both OS and they both deserve credit but I think Mac will be coming on a lot stronger in the next few years.

  67. brian ofsie says:

    Hey! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

  68. Linda says:

    I am a PC User circa 1990, therefore I know PCs are better than Macs as I’ve used both, and find the Mac organization is simply trying to trump PCs, and for those of us who know better, it will never happen, Bill Gates was the original, has the market share, and has earned his reputation as the best Office Software programs, most compatible, and thus, do we really need to reinvent the wheel? My answer is simply this – only if you are trying to capitalize on the market and population who doesn’t know better. What I am finding is that it takes 3 X as long to get the job done, more frustrating due to compatibility issues, it’s all about the money, not efficiency, and I’m not keen on all the bells and whistles with the macs either, all I can say is Go Microsoft!